We hunt much more than heads!

With XPERTYSE and its experienced headhunters, you won’t get a good candidate for the position you want to fill… You’ll get the perfect resource for this position and your company.

Employer Services

Pharmacology. Biotechnology. Medicine. Fields of activity where our headhunters excel.


Employee Services

Active listening combined with leading-edge techniques for a career that measures up to your ambitions.


Finding that perfect gem


Here, no loss of time or money! At XPERTYSE we don’t wait for the perfect candidate to knock on our door. We set off to find that person and the headhunt is on! We only stop when we’re convinced that we’ve found the right head for the job and the company.

Matching your ambitions


Happiness at work, what does it mean? You’ve found it, great! You’re looking for it or have no clue where to start? Then come and consult with us at XPERTYSE! Attentive and effective, we collaborate with you to find the job and the company that will best suit you. We make sure that your work occupations will allow you to be happy and to develop your full potential.