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A recruitment agency specialised in the field of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical industries, XPERTYSE brings recruiting personnel to a higher level. New technologies combined with new procedures put us at the forefront of our sector of activity and allow us to propose efficient and accessible services.

Why us?


For many excellent reasons like our team’s efficiency and flexibility. At XPERTYSE, having a flexible company structure allows us to offer a truly personalised service to our clients. The position that you need to fill is not just a simple job offer among many others. We attach the utmost importance to it and actively seek for the ideal person and candidate who will meet your expectations and your goals.


Our headhunters use innovative techniques to find this rare gem. There is no time to lose when we are in a hunting mode. With targeted research, we limit loss of time and money: we get positive and conclusive results. With XPERTYSE, you will find the right head! Contact us.


Interested by a job in pharmaceuticals? You’re in the right place!


The pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical universe of private companies is our branch. Our recruiters possess many years of experience related to these sectors of activity. We know their hiring needs and we are able to advise and guide you towards the company and the position that will fulfill your hopes and ambitions.

Why us?


Because we have that sixth sense that helps us guide you to your dream job. Our assistance is not limited to finding a position that corresponds to the skill set on your resumé. We listen to your needs, we detect your values and recognise the new heights you aspire to. This overall photo is crucial for us. It represents the foundation we build upon to find the right resource for the right position in the right company. In other words, we get you the most perfectly fitting job in the right company where you will be happy to work.


XPERTYSE, the recruitment agency that stands out! Find the company and the job in the field of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical industries that will thrill you! Look at current job openings.

Marie-Isabelle Roy


Founder of XPERTYSE, Marie-Isabelle bases herself on her numerous years of experience in the world of pharmaceutics to brilliantly accompany you in your search for talented employees. Her understanding of your human resources requirements well extends the skills-set framework. She helps you find genuine pearls that will be eager to join your team. Her goal: finding the perfect match!


This goal is equally sought when her services are called upon by a candidate. Active listening, empathy, understanding and analysis: all of these aptitudes ensure that her assistance and research measure up to the candidate’s expectations and aspirations. Her role is not to simply find a job for someone. Rather, it is to find the position that answers to the candidate’s career objectives and in a company where finding an overall sense of belonging will be possible.